Mini Twin

Artikelnr: OC 328-0141

The Mini-Twin brings a rhomboid design to a Straight-Wire™
appliance system. The Mini-Twin is designed to give you the control
you demand in an appliance that is more aesthetic and comfortable
for your patients.
• Mini-Twin appliances feature 80 guage mesh pads on both upper
and lower bicuspids
• The vertical scribe line aligns with the crown-long axis, simplifying bracket placement. As is the case with all
Straight-Wire appliances, the archwire slot of Mini-Twin appliances is engineered to align with the horizontal
axis of the tooth
• Mini-Twins are available in Andrews and Roth* prescriptions, and are fully interchangeable with any other
Straight-Wire appliance system. Options include hooks/no hooks, gingival offsets on bicuspids, super torque
on upper anteriors and surgical sets

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