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When it's time to engage second molars, clinicians universally understand the inconvenience of convertible buccal tubes. They often require frequent tying of ligatures — or even downsizing to a smaller wire. That can be labor intensive and mean longer appointments. Meanwhile, the loss of a traditional four-walled tube creates binding and friction in the posterior region, which can result in less efficient tooth movement and extended treatment time.

But the tie-less, low-friction SnapLink tube makes wire changes and posterior tooth movement a snap. SnapLink provides the exact functionality of a traditional four-walled tube without any unwanted friction or binding. With SnapLink, it's easy to engage second molars, even when making compensating archwire bends or loops. And placement of auxiliaries like wire-to-wire Class II appliances can be performed without removing wires.

That means shorter appointments for you and faster, more comfortable treatment for your patients.

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