Classic Anchors

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With the help of intramucosal skeletal anchorage, is the use of the temporary “OBA” Orthodontic Bone Anchor” a remarkable advantage in orthodontic treatment. OBA increase skeletal orthodontic anchorage in the anterior or posterior region of the upper and/or lower jaw. The mini plates consist of 3 holes to use in the maxilla segment and 2 holes for mandible segment. They are fixed by monocortical mini screws from 5 or 7mm. (Consult the step by step procedure). The mini plates are geometric plane with a neck of 1,2mm width at the end and penetrate the attached gingiva 2 mm away from de muco-gingival boarder. At the end of the round conical bar a hook or eyelid is the fixation unit to exercise traction by means of orthodontic expedients, such as round guiding bars, elastics or springs fixed to orthodontic appliances.

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Classic Anchors

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